Padraig Harrington - WITB 2020 API

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    Padraig's gotta be the only guy on tour playing the fat boy SuperStroke grip on his putter.

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    Interesting that the Wilson HT (Hi Toe) has the same 18 grooves that the TM's tour heads have as opposed to the 19 grooves that the standard TM Hi Toes have. I wasn't aware of that before.

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    What year is that putter from?

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    Did he find that putter in a pawn shop, a.k.a. Jim Furyk style?

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    Bingo. I just got some V6's. Wilson built them incorrectly, but can't wait until they're good to go,

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    just out of curiosity what was the issue? recently got a set myself and they came a bit shorter than listed.

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    what is that putter lol


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    Does Padriag still have his wedge grips rotated 45°?

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    Very unique bag.

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    Didn't think he could find a putter uglier than his beat up Infinite Southside. I was wrong.

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    Made me think of awesome 5wood he hit at that British Open when he was paired with Norman. What a great shot!

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    That putter looks like the old Northwestern putters you could get at K-Mart or Wally World back in the day.

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    TaylorMade makes some nice looking Wilson headcovers.

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    Harrison Frazar back in the day as well I believe.

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    Used this same putter with a rental set and it was horrible.


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    **** shame that a company that makesaluminum bats cant figure out how to make a driver players will use.

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    "My Golf $py" has an interesting article on the state of W/S with President Tim Clarke. W/S hit rock bottom in 2006, while selling at a loss. They focused early R&D efforts on irons and wedges--and it now shows. Woods shouldn't be too far behind although I really like the FG Tour F5 series

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    I Know it's all about sponsors, etc..., but I always find it interesting to see the guys with (in this case) Wilson headcovers with Taylormade Driver and woods.

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    I always expect a tiny cheerleader to be under the Pom Pom headcovers ...

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    He has always putted with atrocious looking putters.


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    Paddy is a freak. He spends all day every day on the range. Like hours on hours with all sort of gimmicks.

    Love the bag but once again the putter is ridiculously and fu-gly .

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    I don't think Wilson is close on Woods. If you can't get your own staffers to play it, you're not close.

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    Never has their been a more cautionary tale of of it ain't broke don't fix it. Guy won 3 majors and then decided that swing wasn't good enough. Has to be one of the worst decisions in the history of the game.

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