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Club Champion debacle....what to do?

 ryoustra5 ·  
ryoustra5ryoustra5 Members  21WRX Points: 20Handicap: 2Posts: 21 Bunkers
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So I was fit for a driver shaft at Club Champion, a Ventus Blue 6S was the shaft that preformed best for me. So here's where things go off the rails:

I had a golf trip to a very well known golf destination which I was hopeful my shaft would've been ready for, so after 2 weeks of no communication I sent my fitter an reply, I sent a follow up reply. I tried calling Club Champion and would sit on hold every time, often times leaving a message asking for a call back, twice I left messages and nobody called me back. I managed to get a gentleman on the phone a couple days before my trip who said my shaft was ready for the build, and said he would look into if he could get it built and I could pick up from their location so I could have it for the trip, he never called me back or followed up so I chalked it up to a loss, I was ok with the delay bc of COVID and delays of such. So long story short when I returned the shaft still hasn't begun the build, add another email with no reply from my fitter. I sent another email and finally the fitter responded, I told him to cancel the order and after that did he finally try to help, he had the shaft sent to him and he built it, a week later I received it, 32 days later. When I received the shaft it looked like it was 5 years old, scratches all over, marks and chips as well. I mean, ALL over. I contacted the fitter who blamed the shipping paper and never apologized, simply said "interesting". He told me to use the shaft while he finds out what to do, so I take it to play and on the FIRST shot the head spins around, the adapter is very loose and the head is easily able to move around when secured in the loft sleeve. I text him this time and he again didn't apologize, he offered me 15% off the order and said I could take the shaft in and have the Downton Chicago location fix it, can't fix the scratches but can fix the adapter. I tell him I will only accept a return and refund, he doesn't reply to any more of my texts....

I have never experienced such unprofessional behavior or service, I spent $470 on this and what I got was a defective shaft with scratches and chips all over the paint. I am a very understanding and non confrontational person, but I am livid. I have completely lost all excitement for this shaft and lost all confidence in Club Champion as a business. It certainly feels to me he is doing everything in his power to not let me get a refund on my order.

Does anybody have any direction for me? A similar experience? Are any WRXr's out there reading this?? I can't believe what has happened.

Attached are some images, it was hard to capture the marks on the shaft as its an iPhone and hard to focus, however, they looks like circular milling marks covering the entire shaft.



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  • alexmyxalexmyx Members  48WRX Points: 36Handicap: 9Posts: 48 Bunkers
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    Wow sorry to hear that man. Hope you get the refund in the end. Side note, is it $470 for the whole thing or just shaft alone?

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    Definitely giving you the run around man. I wouldn’t give up until you get the full refund.


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    CC has not been great in my experience. Def don’t stop until you get the full refund.

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    Hope you paid with a credit card.

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    That really sucks... I wouldn’t even bother with them anymore and file a dispute with your card (if you used one). If you used AMEX they will back you no matter what and they usually win disputes for their clients especially since you have reasonable reasons for the dispute. Good luck

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    Awesome suggestions, gentlemen, thank you very much. I definitely paid with a card, I have had mixed reviews with Club Champion, I dont like their sales tactics and now I dont like their overall profile. Will need to find a good fitter in Chicagoland.

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    I personally know 3 people who have been to Club Champion. 2 of the 3 ended up saying they were dissatisfied. I've been to the one near Pittsburgh. I feel as though they were slightly condescending & was not impressed.

    Concerning your problem I would pay them a personal visit. Nothing short of that will work. Also it sounds as though they shipped you a demo shaft that had been used since you threatened to cancel the order at one point. That's why it may have been scratched up. Things I can't forgive when dealing with businesses that want my money is poor customer service & dishonesty. Good luck getting your refund. Clearly they did not send you a new shaft & hoped they could pull a fast one. That's my take.

  • BlueDragonKoreaBlueDragonKorea SeattleMembers  49WRX Points: 47Handicap: 2.5Posts: 49 Bunkers
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    Good luck, you should get the refund. You can get a ventus off of eBay or Golfwrx for $250 or so, and in better condition than that shaft.

  • ShakesterShakester Members  652WRX Points: 160Handicap: 9Posts: 652 Golden Tee
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    Club Champion is shady. I’m pretty sure they get kick backs from certain companies if they push their product. Three of my friends, with three very different handicaps and swings, all walked out of Club Champion with a fitting for Callaway Apex irons. A 4th friend went for a driver fitting and was fitted for a Callaway Epic Flash which he didn’t play too well with. He ended up going to another fitter and got fitted into a Taylormade M5 and his drives have been straighter and longer.

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    Get fitted and buy on Ebay what most do. I played recently with some moron who reshafted his irons to S taper they (Club Champion) charged him $125 an iron. Told him he could buy new irons with same shafts. Game was bad too.

  • denkeadenkea Members  481WRX Points: 129Handicap: 10.1Posts: 481 Greens
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    You could also relating your experience to CC Corporate.


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  • Flyers99Flyers99 Members  595WRX Points: 66Posts: 595 Golden Tee
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    I would steer clear of CC based on what I have seen/heard. There prices are way out of line which is another story but seems there training of staff leaves a lot to be desired as I have heard similar stories. Maybe they got too big too fast or there is a lack of training program but I would go to a reputable fitter in your area. You will get the same product, better service and better value/pricing. I go to a top 100 fitter about 30 miles from me who has always done right by me and everyone I know who has gone.

  • cgasuckscgasucks Members  2640WRX Points: 501Posts: 2,640 Titanium Tees
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    I bet even Corporate HQ will give the OP the run around.

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    What a pathetic biz this seems like, keep pushing till you get a proper resolution ... what a joke


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  • straightshot7straightshot7 Members  3698WRX Points: 1,223Posts: 3,698 Titanium Tees
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    How do these knuckleheads stay in business?

  • alexmyxalexmyx Members  48WRX Points: 36Handicap: 9Posts: 48 Bunkers
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    That’s expensive. May i ask how much better the performance was? I assume you didnt change the club head right? So how many yards did you gain or was it more about dispersion?

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  • ryoustra5ryoustra5 Members  21WRX Points: 20Handicap: 2Posts: 21 Bunkers
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    it was dispersion, and it was significant. A proper fit shaft is hard to believe the difference it makes. But having been dumped on by them with terrible service I don’t see myself ever going back.

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    Fortunately for me I live in Chicago, I will visit their Corporate office tomorrow and see what they say

  • ChitownM2ChitownM2 Members  117WRX Points: 41Posts: 117 Fairways
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    I've heard good things about mistwood GC for fittings if you're in the Chicago area.

    As far as getting yourself a new ventus, Chicago Bill's out in the suburbs has really great pricing. I've seen a lot of people say they took their specs from CC and purchased there to save substantial money

  • mktroutmktrout Members  239WRX Points: 136Handicap: 6.4Posts: 239 Fairways
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    why would you buy it there instead of ordering it from a place like dallas golf and get it way cheaper and at your house in like 3 days?

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  • SubaruWRXSubaruWRX Members  4151WRX Points: 898Posts: 4,151 Titanium Tees
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    Good luck with CC. I’d file a credit card dispute as others mentioned

    And good luck living in Chicago. From what we see on the news here, it looks pretty bad there. Stay safe!

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  • GxhwhGxhwh Members  904WRX Points: 98Posts: 904 Golden Tee
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    6-7 years ago, when I was in GA. In a cold winter morning, I went to Sandy Spring CC location for a fitting. I unfortunately ran into a greedy sales guy, not even a solid fitter. I waited outside for around 20 minutes, and I haven't got a chance to warm up. when the fitting started, after 2-3 iron shots with my own club, he stopped me and said this club is not for me. I asked him what is wrong with the club, shaft flex or what? He said everything is not right. From then, in 90 minutes, he literally handed me all the iron heads they are selling. At that time, I can tell, Miura gave them the best commission. LoL.

    Finally, after more than 100 iron shots and with all the performance number are recorded, I grabbed my own Bridgestone iron, and want to see what is the difference. He immediately showed a very unhappy face. Well, I managed to hit some of the best shots that day. In front of the trackman, with all the numbers, he is still trying to argue that I need switch to Miura.

    With some polite words, I escaped from that location. The worse golf related experience I've ever had.

  • dmecca2dmecca2 Scranton, PAMembers  377WRX Points: 330Handicap: +3Posts: 377 Greens
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    yikes. That's unacceptable...

  • jeffrey rjeffrey r Members  2300WRX Points: 276Handicap: 13Posts: 2,300 Platinum Tees
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    OP, hope you get that sorted out. Since this has sort of become another CC bashing thread, I’ll just say that maybe we’re lucky here in NJ, because I’d say we have a good location in Northern NJ. Sure, it’s a CC, and it’s the same general model as other CC, and you need to know what you want going in there. But the guys there are good guys, who do good fitting and building work, and take good care of their customers. Seems like there are some good CC locations, and some not-so-good.

    At some point, when WRX says you shouldn’t go to a big box store for fitting or building (including PGA SS), and oh, you also shouldn’t go to a specialty fitter like CC, that doesn’t leave all that many options for a lot of folks. I don’t know where these mystical, magical stand-alone master fitters/builders are dotted all over the country, but I don’t seem to know about too many of them. But I digress.

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  • awtryau89awtryau89 Hoschton, GAMembers, ClubWRX  1574WRX Points: 322Posts: 1,574 ClubWRX
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    Similar experience where they tried to upsell me on a hybrid with a fantastic Kuro Kage shaft for an extra $300 only to get home and see its the stock shaft for the club at the time. They took a friend of mine for over $2000 for clubs that were some of the worst performing for him I have seen. This guy was a single digit solid golfer too. I have a couple other stories but I'll save them. I recommend people go to our PGASS location with the Tour Van experience much more than CC. They are honest, use GC Quad and just offer a better overall experience for much less money.


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