Are You The Only WRXer in Your Group?

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One of my main golfing buddies plays a TaylorMade R9 driver. He bought this club new in '09 and hits it really well. Very rarely misses a fairway and still gets the ball out there. I have told him for a few months that he should go get fit for a new driver but he has a trip with his son to Pebble Beach and Spyglass in March and doesn't want to be trying something new on such a trip. Well just so happens that he cracks the head of the old R9 yesterday and I am immediately thinking new driver but what does he do, order another R9 from Global Golf! The only way he ever gets new grips is if he buys a new set of irons or wedges, which is not very often. He has the most unconventional swing you will ever see yet he rarely shoots over 74. All this got me to thinking, do you have any friends who just don't care anything about technology or new clubs and you find yourself telling them about the stuff you have read on here. Are you the only WRXer in your group?

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    Heck, I'm the only one at our course as far as I know.

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    I'm the only WRX'r I know of in our group. No one else has ever heard of this place.

    As far as equipment. I've sold, or caused to be purchased, 5 drivers in my group alone.

    1. Buddy was playing an old TM, I sold him a used 10.5 Ping K15. He gained easily 20-30 yards
    2. Buddy purchased a used Ping G after he saw what the K15 did to #1
    3. Sold a Ping G SFT driver and 3 wood to another guy in our group
    4. Sold a PXG driver to the guy that runs our money game
    5. Buddy was using a TM SLDR...had him hit my GMAX on 5 holes last week and he immediately purchased one before the end of the round using his cellphone!!

    Most people have never heard of this site and don't care in the least about what clubs they play.

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    I am the only one as well. It’s nice when I find someone that knows the site. Just joined but been lurking in the shadows for a long time. Good info here.


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    As far as I know I am the only golfwrx-member in my regular group. I am not sure I qualify as a WRXer according to the OP's definition though. My interest is golf in general, I am not just here to find out about new golf-technology and new clubs or other equipment.

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    Think I'm the only one on the forum that I know but I don't qualify as a WRXer. I love to tinker but hate buying new clubs. Prices seems too outrageous for minimal if any gains. All my clubs are from clearance sales or second hand. I'd rather spend the money on travel and membership. Give me a club that I can fell the ball on and I'm happy.

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    I play often with one WRX'er who mostly browse in BST and Tour section and there is 3-4 other lurking WRX'ers that I know of at my club. Only one of them rotates clubs often.

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    Our group of 14 has 2 guys that are somewhat regular posters, 1 lurker/occasional poster, and 2 former posters.

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    Only one in group, and know there are a few in my city. Guys in my group like gear but don;t obsess like we do, and they all actually have a club or 2 from me selling lol. They usually hear about new stuff from me but never order custom, they play all stock stuff but they don't care. I always forget that we are like less than 1 percent of the golfing public hahahah.


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    Don’t talk about WRX Club. It is known 😆

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    I am the only one at my course also. In my group the guys only change their grips when they buy new clubs.

    I am not a typical WRX'r but i am a grip changer and the needed clubs.

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    One of my golfing mates is an occasional lurker here. He's a golf gear-head, but English isn't his first language, so he doesn't post.

    Another friend is keen but not a gear-head. He also has two empty spots in is bag. My gear-head friend and I enjoy ourselves by trying to get him to fill these spots (seriously, he really needs a 3-wood or 4-wood). We live vicariously through him.

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    Old stuff: Tons of persimmon and older irons. 
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    I'm the only one I know of. I am not long for this myself. I'm too opnionated and I hate wasting my energy on usless disagreements. Mostly my fault. I am on no social media because of this and forums are not much better for me.

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    I've mentioned the site to a couple of guys I regularly play with but I don't think they've joined... they get a big kick out of me playing new clubs at the start of each season

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    Your problem is LOFT -- Lack of friggin' talent!

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    Yep. I've mentioned it to my buddies, but none have jumped on board AFAIK.

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    Very small group here and I'm the only one. But **** I get excited every time I see another Canadian on here, let alone someone local. (I have seen a couple fairly local posters though)

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    No one else I know is on here, but they listen to my 'gear advice' like I'm golf jesus. They also love the deals I pass down to them in the group text from the deals forum here.

    I dont buy golf gear every month to make me better, I buy it because its fun and I like new things. If you're buying a new driver every year because you think its making you better, you're kidding yourself.


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    Yes, I am.


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    Speaking of which, I haven't forgotten my invite to have you out to Lookout on day this summer. Hopefully the good weather arrives soon.

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    I'm wondering the same thing Dalehead! Seriously though, he is like I should be more like, after a low score no matter what it looks like. My buddy has a great sense of humor and told me than when he remarried several years ago that his wife was watching him hit some balls in the yard and said that she didn't know much about golf but she was sure that his swing was not normal. I guess the funny part to me is a lot of us like to keep up with the new stuff coming out, even if we don't buy it. A lot of us are interested in doing our own club work. Others are interested in what is going on on the Tour. He couldn't care less about any of that stuff, never goes to the range, but is really into playing. Nothing wrong with that, I just like to soak up all things golf.

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    In my group there is a non WRXer club ho and a non WRXer with a full bag of PXG clubs. I play with a bunch

    of sorry non WRXers.😉

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    As far as I know, I’m the only one at my club.

    I played with a guy that joined the golf staff at my old club. He was an older guy, started working at the club just for the free golf. He did odd jobs around the club.

    Anyway, he had the shortest backswing I’ve ever seen. Shorter than Finau’s or Rahm’s. And he played an old Callaway 3 wood. Very old. 35 years old I think. I can’t remember what model it was. Anyway, he hit that 3 wood farther than I hit mine, and mine at the time was pretty new, and although I’m no WRXer distance-wise, I can get it out there. This guy was a decent golfer. Probably a high single digit handicap. He wasn’t all that big, nor was he in great shape. I still have no idea how he hit that 3w so far.

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    I have a buddy that I know has read the forum before, but he never talks about it.

    My dad is a low handicapper but he doesn't care much about the stuff that is discussed on here. I was talking about dynamic loft to him the other day and he looked at me like I was crazy. Even after I explained I was just talking about shaft lean for the most part, he still thought I was "overthinking" things, which at my skill level is probably not too far from the truth. I got him a fitting at club champion for his birthday, but before that he was gaming 7ish year old clubs.

    I'm not personally good enough to get too far into the equipment aspect of things. My focus is and should be on mechanics. That said, I'm lusting for some hot metals. I'll get fitted and who knows what I'll end up with, but it's hard to read wrx and go.lfspy and not want a set of hot metals.


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    I have heard the "over thinking" phrase, towards me, from my buddy before. I might be but I do know that I have learned a lot on here. Just a few minutes ago he called me to tell me that he had got his "new R9" and that he tried it out. He was fading the ball and wanted to know what setting to move it to. I asked had he moved it to the same setting as his old driver and he hadn't thought about that. I walked him through how to change the setting and then he noticed that the shaft was shorter in the new driver. I then confused him talking about the swing weight changing with the shorter shaft and that he should probably just put his old shaft in for the time being. He was amazed that I knew this stuff, which is actually nothing compared to what most on here know. This site and the people on it are really amazing.

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    I am the only one but my buddies are club hos and golf club nerds more than myself.

    Speaking of people who don't care about clubs. Last year I played with this 60 something guy. His golf clubs looks like something that you would see from the thrift store. Not blades but early 2000's equipment. And they were also dirty, like filthy. Well, he shot 3 over par and I was measuring his drives and he was hitting 250 yard draws all day.

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    Yes, I’m the only one. There is a guy that knows about the site but never participated in forums.

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    I'm good friends with a WRXer that I met 15 years ago on the golf board and probably golfed 300 rounds with since. We met at a demo day and both were into the equipment. But the funny thing is that for all of his love of equipment, he plays the same irons (Tourstage Z101's), Mizuno wedges (bought a lot of the same model) and Scotty C. putter. He has updated his driver every 4-5 years. But for a WRX guy, he isn't big on buying a ton of gear.

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