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Does it make sense for me to get fitted as a 23 index?

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I have been golfing for about two years and more consistently for about 6 months. My current index is about 23. I am short (5'3") and have always wanted to get fitted. Every time i go to a golf store looking to get fitted for irons or a driver, i hit a few balls, they do some measurements and i am told just to cut my clubs down by an inch. Do i need to go get a proper fitting with adjusted lofts and lie angles? Or does it not matter because my index is so high?

I'm willing to invest in a set and get them fitted properly but i'm not sure if it is worth it at this point. My current bag has everything as standard length, loft and lie. I can easily have my clubs shortened but i just don't know if that is all i need to do. I would also like any advice on next steps.

Not sure if this matters but my current bag: Gapr 3 mid 16.5° (driving club), 4-GW Titleist AP1 718, 54° and 58° Cleveland rtx-3 wedges.I have a M4 Driver but i have put it away for now.

Thanks in advance.



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    Sorry i posted this in the wrong forum. Can an admin help me move this to club fitting?

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    Talk to the people you plan to get fitted by. If they seem interested in your situation, it will definitely help.

    I was in the same situation, as I’m taller than usual and got conscious about length and lie. Went to my local store, booked an iron fitting and the guy ended up trying to push new clubs on me and hitting in his own simulator to show how much distance I was losing with my swing flaws. Very encouraging.

    Went to another store and talked to them, they asked about my current skill level and what I think I’ll take away from a fitting. Hit balls for 15 minutes and he did make me aware of my swing faults, but recommended adjustments to lie and length and that helped tremendously.


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    i would say yes its important. I got my first fitting a few weeks ago and the guy said i needed a quarter of and inch choped off at a degree flat... never would have thought that lol im 5'7 btw. He also fit me to c taper lite kbs shaft which im not a fan of but the 1 degree flat i feel was definetly needed. So yes get fit for once i do feel it can shave a few strokes off the score.

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    If you can afford it. Why not?

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    Getting the right lie angle is the key. Can you adjust the lie on your current set? When buying new it certainly helps. Been going to demo days dont cost anything and stock has never been optimal. 187 tall. I have been quite impressed what they can see certainly got better trajectory with certain shafts and lie angles and shaft length.

    That said my body is in different shape so dont always swing the same. If I play a lot my wrists and back gets numb and its harder to swing as I want so would need two fitted Iron sets lol

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    Should i wait until my index is lower? Or should i do the work now? Will i new to readjust if my swing changes?

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    Get fit for loft, lie, length, and swingweight. Don't worry about shaft fitting, just play something standard like dgs300 and whatever iron head you like. Then just play and play and play...get under 10 and then start worrying about shafts.

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    Go get fit now if you're ok making the investment. In reality, cutting down an inch is probably going to get you pretty close to where you need to be - likely much closer than where you're at now. But even if you go from a 23 to a 12, I doubt the clubs would no longer fit you. The most likely scenario is you'll improve and maybe want irons with a little less offset, or a driver with less draw bias, something like that. I'd prob cut more than 1" off your driver. At 5'3", 44" would be a good place to start. I'm guessing your irons might have dynamic gold shafts in them...that's a pretty heavy shaft. You might be more comfortable with something in the 105 gram range. Shaft weight is often overlooked but a very important part of club fitting.

    If you want a rough ballpark, go thru the Ping online fitting. It will get you pretty darn close to where you need to be:

    Sucks your golf store visits haven't resulted in better fittings. Can you google the better golf stores in your area? Or is there a course around you that seems to sell alot of equipment. In either scenario, I wouldn't just walk in and try to get fit. Give them a call, ask about their fitting program and schedule an appointment. That way, you know you'll be spending time with one of their experienced fitters. If you let us know what part of the country you're in, perhaps someone can guide you towards some of the better fitters.

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    Do you take lessons? At least a couple. I’d do that first then get fitted.

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    My wife (36 hcp) got a proper iron fitting a couple weeks ago, and the result was eye opening. Thankfully the one doing the fitting has done some lessons with her, so he was aware of her misses and struggles. And the big thing, he never tried to put her into a ladies shaft. Immediately started off with senior flex of varying weights. When she was fit 2(?) years ago at a different local shop, they only carried 1 maybe 2 ladies shafts and thought a woman should be swinging a ladies shaft.

    Like some others have already stated, talk to the fitter first and get a feel for them. If you're not getting a good vibe from the fitter or the shop itself, go elsewhere. It's your money and your enjoyment on the line. I think a fitting can benefit [almost] anyone.

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    i hit a few balls, they do some measurements and i am told just to cut my clubs down by an inch.

    I wouldn't do this. At the very least order new clubs at -1 inch.

    If you just cut them down the weighting will be off and you'll have trouble feeling the clubhead,

    If you order them built to spec, any club company worth its salt (Ping, Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, Cobra, etc...) will make sure the clubs spec out correctly.

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    I would get fitted, there is a very good chance you are probably swinging the wrong club length. Most good shops where you get fit would apply part of the cost of the fitting towards your club(s). I know that here in Michigan both Carls, and Miles of Golf do this.

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    Having been a 23 at one point (and worked many way down to a 7), my advice is as follows:No question, get fit. Given that golf is such a mental game, and the fact the you are “wondering” if you should get fit - putting this out of your mind can only help you. However, the first two things I would suggest are:

    • Find a driver that in the “super game improvement” category and is suited to your current faults (if you slice, get a draw biased driver; if you cant hit it high, get a high lofted driver). With today’s huge sweet spots, and the variety of drivers in that category you are hurting yourself by not having a club that can move the ball a decent distance off the tee.
    • Those AP1’s may be a little more club than a 23 index player can achieve their best results with. I would also give some thought to some super game improvement irons - massive advances in technology in this space that make it much easier to hit iron shots straight and high. Lots of choices there as well.

    You can do some experimenting at local golf shops to find clubs in the Super GI category that you like - and either purchase there or find used ones on eBay or here on WrX (although not a lot of Super GI here). If you really want to improve, I think a combination of equipment that is better suited to you and getting that equipment fitted is a sound approach.

    Feel free to reach out via PM if you’d like any additional thoughts. I have helped a couple of folks I work with go through what I described above, and have also been through it myself. Good luck!

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    I agree about talking to the fitter and having a comfort level. That is everything in fitting.

    Even now I tend to not swing free and loose when I first meet a fitter because I'm worried about them judging my swing or not being 'good enough' to get fit. Which is like going to a tailor and sucking in your stomach and wearing lifts in your shoes. You're not trying to get fit to what you hope to be, you are getting fit to what you are.

    That being said, the quality of fitting varies tremendously...just like golf instruction. So ideally if you can get a referral from someone who's been fit, it's WAY better than rolling the dice.

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    It boils down to if you have a consistant swing or not. If your HC is high due to other reasons (i.e. short game or course management) then do it. If not then put that investment towards lessons.

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    It makes great sense to go get fitted, since, you are a little shorter than average. And, don't worry about being good enough. I am a 21 hcp, and, I get fitted. Pre-pandemic, there would be fitting days at the local golf course, you might check to see if there are fitting days in your area. If you are a Titleist fan, look for a Titleist Thursday, where you can get fit for free.

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    1) There is no question that playing clubs that are longer than you should be playing is making the game harder than it needs to be.

    2) cutting down your current clubs is certainly one option but it's not as simple as just cutting down and re-gripping as it can potentially mess up the swing weight.

    3) Don't judge how much to cut down driver, fairways and hybrids based on how much you might need to cut down the irons. Those longer clubs start out longer than they should be off the shelf for those who can play standard length irons. In fact for most high handicappers, getting fit for proper length for those longer clubs

    3) a fitting is good but only as long as you find a really good fitter. Most retail store, self proclaimed 'fitters' aren't usually worth it. Playing length, grip size, shaft weight, and swing weight are the most critical specs for a fitting, and sometimes face angle in a driver. Most 'fitters' don't address any of those in the long clubs and only lie angle and playing length in irons. So if you do decide to get a fitting, make sure you do your research on where to go to do it.

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    A solid, basic fitting for length and lie angle is a sound investment, and if restricted to that, can be had for relatively little money. And if you or your fitter end up thinking the head weight will become an issue after fitting (assuming you shorten the shafts), that's easily remedied with lead tape.

    This will get you a very long ways and then allow you to proceed into lessons without worrying that your clubs are poorly fit.

    I think of it this way: This sort of fitting isn't like a tailored suit, but is instead like buying pants off the rack that don't drag on the ground and fit decently on the waist. Just a basic, functional fit that let's you go about your business without worry that your pants will trip you up and cause you to land on your face.

    If a fitter starts your right off on the Trackman, video analysis and a host of shaft and clubhead options, I'd suggest walking away and finding another fitter.

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    It's a tough one when you plan on dedicating to practice and swing's like buying clothes for a baby, they will grow out of them but you have to buy them anyway

    As others have said, playing the wrong clubs right now is likely hurting you. If you are 5'3 the shafts and lie angles are probably not suited for you at all. So changing them will help. But if you make significant swing changes that could also affect the specs you need.

    It's also possible you get fit now and changes you make to your swing don't require a new fitting. I've been playing Ping Black Dot for 15 years and my swing has changed a few times

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    I would say yes, and the only thing you should make clear is you want Game Improvement Irons and not SUPER game improvement irons. Those will serve you just fine all the way to a single digit handicap if you plan on getting serious about golf. Get fitted, then get private lessons and you'll be better than bogey golf in no time

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    Thank you all for the detailed responses and sharing your experiences. It is quite refreshing to meet (albeit virtually) such a helpful group of people.

    EDIT: I am in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    A few more details about my game and experiences that might be helpful.

    1. Previous Fittings - I have had two experiences with fittings. When i decided to take the game more seriously about a year ago. I walked into Golf Galaxy and decided to sign up for their lessons. $300 for 10 lessons seemed like a great deal. My instructor was a PGA professional that was also the club fitter at the store. After about 4 lessons, he told me that he was moving on to another opportunity. I was happy for him but bummed that I was losing my instructor. When i asked about a fitting, he told me to save the money, get my clubs cut down an inch and worry about a fitting the next time i buy clubs. The second time i tried to get fitted was at the PGA Store. I was going in for a driver fitting but being that i never hit a driver, it turned into an iron fitting. After some trackman analysis, the fitter also told me to stay in my irons and cut down an inch. Ping Fit Guide - I put my measurements a month ago and i believe they fit me into the g410 irons, 1 inch short, 2.25 flat (orange dot) and aqua (undersized grips)
    2. Lessons - I've taken 3 more lessons in the Bay Area from the same coach. Unfortunately, i don't know why but I pressured myself into buying a package of 5 lessons. I figured i would finish the lessons up with him and work hard to find a coach that might fit me better. I will take everyone's advice here and make sure i call and ask lots of questions before I commit to my next instructor. If anyone has thoughts on what questions to ask, that would be helpful. If anyone has a suggestion for a bay area instructor, that would be helpful as well.
    3. Cost - I am hoping to make an appropriate investment on my clubs. I don't want to go super cheap and have to get something else in 2 years but i don't want to get it so dialed in that i'm making adjustments on my club that will also need to be changed if my swing changes. I'm looking to do the right amount of work for a set that will last me about 5 years. Is that just a length and lie adjustment? or should i be thinking about more that that? My irons are currently amt red r300 shafts.
    4. My Game - I'm 35, decently athletic, i don't remember my exact swing speed but i believe i am in the higher end of the regular spectrum but not quite into the stiff category. I comfortably carry my pw about 115 yards, 7i 145 yards, 4i 170 yards, gapr 3 mid 190 yards. My miss is usually when i swing too hard and miss right. I'm scared to swing driver bc my ball usually ballons and i'll miss OB right and i hit my gapr 3 mid far enough to make the game fun. I realized i'll need to swing driver if i want to consistently get to low or mid 80's eventually.

    Please let me know if i can add any more information to be helpful. Thank you all again!

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    Sorry about the turbulence in finding and keeping an instructor and fitter. This hurts when one is trying to make substantial changes in the game.

    Years ago when I got out of the military, I had similar problems. The first place I lived I went through four instructors in 12 months. One moved away, a second quit the profession, and a third got an assistant pro slot at an area country club: Job rules forbade him to give instruction to non-members.

    You are getting serious about the game, and a full-bag fitting will give you an equipment profile for several years to come. As for you, talk to other golfers and find out who actually does good fittings. Bay area is a hot bed for golf, so you might contact a local high school coach for advice on a fitter.

    As others have said, simply cutting down shafts is not really a solution. This messes with swing weight, and doesn't really maximize anything for you.

    Note on Ping Fit Guide: this is good data to use when starting a fitting. But, you don't want to buy clubs just on PFG data. These are staticmeasurements don't consider how you move the club through the ball.

    As far as cost goes, there's $$ cost and time cost. If you try this and that used set, you will spend $$ and time looking for a hit-and-miss solution. As for your baseline, the driver and irons would be the two most critical fittings. Lots of variety in driver {head + shaft} combinations, so finding the right one can take a bit of work.

    Good look on finding a decent fitter.

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    The only reason I can see the coaches/teachers giving you the "cut 'em down" recommendation is because they see your swing changing considerably over the short term. If you get fitted with a bad swing that is in the works, you just end up having to be re-fitted after you achieve your new swing. What I WOULD suggest is getting the shafts shortened by a competent clubmaker and have the weighting set to where the clubs "feel good" to you (not too light as just cutting could do). That would allow you to have clubs that are "somewhat fitted" while you are working on your swing, but yet not shell out the bucks for a full top shelf fitting.

    Fittings are VERY dependent on your swing specs and bad swing specs will render a bad fitting.



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    Thanks for the additional info. Lots of good points by lots of guys here. I especially like the suit analogy - we're not going bespoke here, but we need something that fits.

    IMO - you're in a pretty good place at a game improvement head and a fairly lightweight steel shaft. And you've had a few informal recommendations to cut an inch off, and Ping's measurements are something shorter and flatter.

    I don't know Bay area golf much, but these are pretty simple things. I'd see what the length and lie are of AP1's versus G410's. I'm guessing the G410's are a bit longer, so something like -3/4" and 2* flat should get you pretty close to where you need to be. Let the person doing the clubwork know that once the adjustments are made, you'd like to use lead tape to get the swingweight up to a more standard range...something around D0 to D2. And I would cut that driver down to 44" and adjust headweight as well on it.

    The repair departments at Golf Galaxy, PGA Tour Superstore or Roger Dunn should all be able to handle this fairly easily, but give them a call, tell them what you're thinking, and then go to the place you're the most comfortable after your conversation with them.

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    Every skill level can benefit from a proper fitting. That's more than hitting a few balls and cutting clubs down. The only risk you run is that rapid improvement may lead to swing changes that necessitate going through the process again sooner rather than later. Pretty good problem to have, right? Best of luck.

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    Good chance your clubs are well off your specs right now. I'd chop your irons down an 1 inch. That will make the lie flatter which will help you as well. Regrip with a lighter weight grip to normalize the swing weight. Now you have clubs that you can work with. Once you improve your ball striking and have a somewhat repeatable, reliable swing, then get fit.


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    id bet that ping g410 setup would be pretty good for you. i recently did a fitting at golf galaxy (Not great as i feel that lack the experience and passion as some others.) for ping i210s. the fitting is free if you buy clubs through them as well. i did a good bit of research prior online comparing shafts and looking at the ping fitment guide so i knew the ballpark of what i needed. if you are interested in the 410s then i would research the shaft offerings to know what kind of flight and weigh you may like and then go in and use that as a baseline.


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    A huge part of getting fit is knowing your own game and what equipment works for you. Do not listen to anyone telling you just to cut an inch off the club especially if they're taller then you. That's totally bogus advice and even at 5'3", an inch off is just a wild guess without a proper fit.

    Start with choking down on the club a half inch and then maybe try more. Just guessing may work, but wrapping 1/2" blue tape around the butt is a good reminder where to grip. The length may feel good, but the swing weight may feel too light. Get some lead golf tape and add enough tape to raise the swing weight back up until it feels right. A 1/2" shorter is -3 sw, so that's 6g of head weight you need to add back. It's a lot of tape (~6") and will look horrible, but it just for testing and everything will come right off. It's up to you to decide what feels best.

    Maybe you'll be fine with choking down or maybe not, but at least you'll have an idea of where you're at. Choking down will also reduce the lie angle and it's the lie angle which maybe more important then the actual club length. I'm 5'7" and have been fit for 1/4" shorter iron shafts, but it was understanding I needed flatter lie angles that was the key not the shorter length. Now I just flatten my iron lies from 1.5-2° on my long irons, maybe a degree on the mids and 0-1° at the short end depending on feel and just choke down a bit on standard length clubs and not worry about a 1/4". Changing lie angles are cheaper, easily reversible and may be all you need.

    Next, take advantage of free fittings. The Ping chart is where I started (pay attention to those lie color codes) but Mizuno shop days are a must do. They have the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer which will give you an instant readout within a few swings. No, it's not a full fit, but it's quick and amazingly accurate and Mizuno offers some of the best heads and custom shafts around.

    After that then maybe you'll want to try a custom fit. But finding a fitter is like finding a good mechanic. It can take a lot of leg work and even more luck.

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    You could go with an inexpensive component set to try the new length and lie w/o getting rid of your current set. You could even go minimalist which will cut the number of clubs down and may not really affect your score. Hireko, Golfworks aand others have good quality stuff at very cheap prices.


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    I got fitted a similar handicap as you did when I first started and I ended up regretting it. It was money not well spent in my case as I got better at the game fairly fast and the clubs I poured money into were only suitable for a short period of time. If I need better at the time I would have bought some used clubs that were roughly a good fit for me and got them adjusted for lie. Of course in my case my fitting specs are fairly close to standard - at your height you likely do would benefit more from a good fitting than I did.


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