Your most unpopular Golf opinions?

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If you took a poll, over 50 percent of people would be against your opinion. Mine:
1. There is nothing wrong with courses discriminating on who plays on their courses
2. Fat and non muscular golfers that win are bad for golf
3. There is nothing to be proud of when you shoot well with game improvement or most graphite irons.
4. Every single golf advertisement is worthless. If they affect you purchases, you are naive
5. 99.99 percent of the time you don't average X score, you don't average Y driving distance, and you didn't Pick your head up



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    Please take lessons, get fit, and feel free to untuck your shirt, but please don’t say try not to hit it so hard.

    I know I know, you cringe.

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    The use of the term “golfing” makes you less of a human
    I’d rather walk, thank you. Stop offering the passenger side of the cart. If I wanted a cart, I would be in one.
    Love to compete, but sometimes I’d just like to drink and shoot 80...ish
    The thrill of a new club or set is often times diminished by actually hitting them.

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    The PGA tour does not have a slow play problem. (public golf does though)

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    On -, @HatsForBats said:
    • The hole should be increased to a size where nearly everyone feels safe leaving the pin in at all times. This could also help with damage to the hole when players retrieve their ball with the pin in.
    • I would say fairway divot relief but you did say where 50% of people would be againt the opinion so I am of the opinion it would not qualify.
    • What tee box a player can play should have nothing to do with age or gender
    • Using descriptions such as 'mens' , 'womens' or 'senior' tees should be abolished

    I totally agree with the last couple.

    I would only point out that virtually all the courses I've gone to lately use color as a designation for their tees so the players can see which tees correspond to which course/slope ratings on the scorecard.

    I can't think of the last time I went to a course and actually saw the words "senior tees" or "ladies tees" printed on the scorecard. I think courses have been very progressive about getting rid of those terms. So technically, the don't really exist in most places (where I've been).

    I think it's more an issue with there being a stigma and that fact those phrases are part of the common vernacular of players.

    But in spirit, I totally agree. I will sometimes play the red (forward) tees as I walk 9 holes after work just to focus in on my iron game. Sometimes it's better to do that than to go to the range and beat balls.

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    Putting is the least important thing to shooting low score. Wedge play is the second least important thing. The most important thing is driving. Iron play is the second most important thing.

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    • Wearing an OEM's golf hat makes you look like a berk
    • If you wear shorts to golf, you should have to wear knee-high socks
    • The woman golfer in a mixed pair is almost always the nicer person
    • People who say Spyglass is better than Pebble don't really believe it and just want to seem clever
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    Most of you people have reasonable opinions. Wasn't the point of the thread to have unpopular opinions? Things you are ashamed to say out loud?
    The OP started out well, most people I know dislike discrimination and love it when the fat guy wins, but then he goes on to say that golf equipment ads lies and golfers tend to overestimate their abilities. So? Did anyone ever think otherwise?

    Hey chopper, what are you hitting there?

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    After how long does being "out of form" turn into "a bad golfer"?
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    The whole macho “no laying up” bro culture of golf sucks and is bad for growing the game.

    The only reason everyone should have a handicap is so courses could enforce playing from the proper tees - playing from the wrong tees is absolutely a cause for slow play.

    Just once I’d like to see a dude working the beverage cart and a girl driving the range ball cart or a mower.

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    Just a few for me:
    1. 5-somes should never be allowed at anytime
    2. Walkers shouldn't be allowed to tee off before noon
    3. People who pay more that $350 for 18 holes anywhere are crazy


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    On -, @2012BFT said:

    Also, the latest trend of Golf companies partnering with celebrities/other sports athletes... who cares about Stephen Curry golfing? Or Tony Romo etc...

    I mean, supporting a couple of scratch or better golfers who have more name recognition amongst the general populace than anyone but Tiger seems like a terrible way to support the game of golf...

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    well ya know who your friends are after reading this thread

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    Richard Rawlings does not impact the game.

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