Who chips with what?

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My default around the greens is to use a 58 degree wedge for almost everything. That’s the way I learned how to do it 30 years ago, and even though I took 20 years off, it is still what I’m most comfortable with. Unless there is a shot that almost begs to be hit low and allowed to run out (and even then I’m often inclined to just hood the face a little) I fall back on what I’m comfortable with, a higher degree wedge. I keep trying to force myself to learn to chip more with 7 and 8 irons, but just can’t develop the confidence. When I watch videos coaches definitely preach that Chipping with less loft is the way to go, so I’m inclined to believe it. That said, I often see pros defaulting to using the higher lofted wedges around the green, even on shots in which they keep the ball low or let it run out/use a wedge for a straightforward chip shot.

What do you guys like to do? Are there many good players that use a higher lofted wedge for the majority of their chip shots, or is that just an amateur move? Any insight is appreciated.



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    @jomatty : Ever tried the Cleveland 'smart sole' wedges? Maybe ugly, but really easy-to-use/chunk-resistant. Or the "CBX" if smart-sole looks too chunky.

    I enjoy the 3-wedge Smart Sole system:

    ."C" i.e. 42* (akin to a 9-iron? This is the go-to option for most chips where i can bump-and-run);

    ."G" i.e. Gap (~49-50*); and

    ."S" (58*)

    Some Forum chat: https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1808843/cleveland-golf-smart-sole-4-wedges-c-g-s-in-hand-photos

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    I think the conventional wisdom is to use what works for you. Chipping is largely a matter of practice and comfort, and I think every player will have their own, personal preference. If you practice a ton with your 58* and can hit the shots you need with it - then more power to you.

    That being said, I find using a variety of clubs for chipping is beneficial for me. I assess every chip for the amount of green I have to work with, and how much crap I have to clear. Less green, more loft. Less crap and more green, lower loft.

    If it's a generic green side chip with a bit of green to work with and a bit of crap to clear, I default to a mid-lofted wedge (I.e. a sand wedge), which for me is 54*. I would say I hit probably 75-80% of all chips with this club.

    If I have less green to work with, I will go up in loft to my 58*. If I have less crap to carry I will go down in loft perhaps using my 50*. Probably the most reliable shot in my bag is a little 9 iron chip from the fringe.

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    My go to club is the 54° SW. I switch to other clubs in two circumstances. If I am extremely short-sided or need a lot of loft, say over a bunker, I'll use the 58°. If I have a very long ship I may, not always, tend to go with my 50° AW.


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    Depends on the lie, just like any golf shot. The lower you can hit it and the more it can roll, the safer the shot IMO. Anytime I try to get cute with my LW hitting these high kind of floppy shots... the more the risk of blading it or otherwise comes into play.

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    This is a matter of personal comfort based on whatever skills you've honed. Some players use one club 90% of the time around the green, others choose for 4 or 5 clubs. Both models can be very successful.

    Personally, I use my 56* about 60% of the time, mixing in the 52* and 60* when needed. Once in a blue moon I'll use a PW or 9i when I need to get a ball running a long ways on a huge green.

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    I would say I use my 60 75% of the time, just like the predictability of how its going to land and roll out, and its so easy manipulated to hit high or low shots, from 100 in it can basically hit all the shots I need. But I mean if I'm just short on the green in fairway, or fringe, I'll chip with my 54 and account for more roll out bump n run style.

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    54* most of the time. PW or 8i for longer chips where I need the ball to roll out. I agree with @dubbelbogey here, that both models (1 club vs several) can be successful. But I find that for beginners/high handicappers, choosing one club and getting comfortable with it gives quicker results. Repeatable technique, understanding of fundamentals, etc.

    I work in data analytics, and I suspect there is a correlation between lower handicaps and more clubs used around the green...


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    I am the same as you. I pretty much use my 58 for every single shot unless I need to hit a bump shot into a hill. I would rather get really good with one club rather than just good with a bunch of clubs.

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    55 degree Mazel chipper for everything inside 80 yards...................I realise I am now banned from Golfwrx for admitting that!!

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    I carry a 52, 56, and a 60. I would like to say I use them all but my go to is the 52. I think what it comes down to is confidence. I have been working on my 60 when I need a higher shot that wont roll out as much but I feel like I have to swing a lot harder to get the same “distance” I get with my 52 and that messes with my head! The 56 tends to be the middle ground for me on that and I should probably use it more. As I type this I hope to remember that when I am playing in about an hour! (I probably won’t...)


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    50, 56, PW. It all depends.

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    The majority of my chips are played with a 54 but I'll use something else if I feel I need a little more run out, usually a PW or 9 iron.

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    I watched a video on youtube last year and the guy said to use 3 clubs. 8 iron for chips, PW for pitches and the lob wedge only if you needed height. Since taking that advice, my short game has improved a lot. With the 8 iron, there is no more fear of skulling, chunking, or that shot with wedge were the balls spins and stops instead of rolling out. With higher lofted clubs, I'm very inconsistent with spin around the greens. 8 iron solves that.

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    Like several others have said, I do the bulk of my chipping and pitching with my 50 and 54. I only bring out the 58 if I need a chip with lots of spin, high pitch, or flop because I don't have much green to work with.

    I just find the 50 and 54 to be more predictable in terms of my misses and the amount of roll out.

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    If you keep your chipping stroke as close as possible to a putting stroke it won't matter what club is in your hands. Use whatever iron that will get the ball rolling onto the green. You will find yourself looking to hole every chip you attempt.

    I stay away from 56 or 60° entirely for chipping unless I absolutely have to carry some sort of obstacle.

    The putting stroke, as long as you accelerate is fool proof and very quickly develops confidence. Does it look slick like a flop shot that lands beside the hole.. NO. But what will look slick is the lower scores you will post from making up and downs from every where.

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    It took me a long time, but last year I finally accepted the fact that for me the best approach is treat every shot from off the green individually and use the lowest lofted club that I felt was an option. This resulted in a huge increase in one putt outcomes, and the ball ending up closer to the hole. Perhaps this is due to my tendency to not hit the ball hard enough with higher lofted wedges - but I definitely noticed that chipping with lower lofted wedges resulted in the ball ending closer to the hole. While using my 7 iron for chipping was a 1 out of 50 choice, I chipped a lot with my PW and 9 iron.

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    48* PW when chipping from the fairway. 52* and 56*when pitching or chipping from the rough.

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    Still figuring out the game, but I‘m a feel player and get confused by too many options. Being a longtime hockey player, I’m used to having one stick for all purposes.

    I narrowed it down to 2 and a half options:

    60* for most everything and PW for bump and runs. If I‘m in front of a really long green with a back pin, I’ll try an 8i, had good success with it.

    As mentioned before, I’d like to be great with one club instead of just good with many.


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    My default is a 54 degree wedge. I have been working recently to change that up a bit and be more open to options. I have been practicing with all my wedges to get a feel for how they will react.

    Even if I stick with my 54. I think having the added feel from practicing with other wedges could help.

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    60* for everything around the green unless I have an overhanging tree limb/etc that would dictate a lower-lofted club.

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    Anything from a 32* (7 iron) to a 60*. It all depends. My default is the 40* 9 iron.

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  • mothonmothon Members  72WRX Points: 72Posts: 72 Bunkers
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    I was using a 58 then I went to a 54. I now mostly use my Srixon z 765 PW the most around the greens. Much more consistent with less lofted wedge.

  • sui generissui generis Members  4461WRX Points: 788Posts: 4,461 Titanium Tees
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    Sui generis chips with the lowest loft club which will get the job done.

    Knowledge of the Rules is part of the applied skill set which a player must use to play a round of competitive golf.
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    @jomatty I have found the “Rule of 12” system works very well for myself. No, need for further explanation as there are some YouTube videos available, just search “Rule of 12 Golf”. A very simple system to use. Enjoy

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    i use anything from a 7 iron on up. I take the same swing every time. I could never figure out how to use just a couple of clubs and trying to figure out how hard or soft to swing.

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    I’m old school and pretty good - I use 5w, 5 iron thru PW, SW to get the job done!

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  • aenematedaenemated Los Angeles, CAMembers  629WRX Points: 773Posts: 629 Golden Tee
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    My 52° pretty much exclusively. It's just what I've always used for chipping going back to my high school days.

    Only time I'll deviate is if it's a really uphill lie.


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    I keep going back to the sm2 wedges in my sig

    60 percent I use the 59* and the rest are split evenly with 54 and 64


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    We have small greens that usually play fairly quick and firm. So I have to use 60* a lot, but if I can run it on the ground and not fly it far I do. I use everything from a hybrid once every 40 rounds to 5 iron thru 60. I probably use PW 15%, 56* 20%, and 60 55%, the rest are a mix between ,6-9 irons.

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    The 9 iron is my go to for chipping. It has the right roll out to get it close.


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