What is the windiest round of golf you've ever had?



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    Bandon Trails. That teeshot down the cliff? I hit the ball 300+ and hit it as hard as I could and didn't reach the fairway. Few windgusts blew my buddy on his butt when he was lining up a putt. Had to wait a few times for it to calm so we could actually putt here and there. Overall it was around 30-40 mph. Most miserable round at Bandon I have ever had but you know what?.. the most miserable round at Bandon is still far more fun than a round in good weather at our local tracks.

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    The Old Course, St. Andrews, unfortunately.

    Constant wind 30/40mph.

    On the 11th par 3 we had to pick up the ball on green as it rolled away.

    On the 17th I shot driver+half pitch wedge to the green.

    At the 18th we all drove the green.

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    I technically golfed in storm sandy

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    Most maybe 35-45 gusts constant 30 though...Worst playing RD???? My PAT in Stuart FL...Long ago, I think it was Hammock creek...35 constant 55° & steady drizzle...36 holes Back in the day of the Money Grab by PGA to get into Program...156 tee'd off 1 qualifier. Needed to have 2 rd's 78 or better.

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    Ireland 4 club , blow your ball off the green wind

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    Bandon Old MacDonald, rainy and windy. Starter said they had gusts of 60 mph on the top of the ridge. Remember walking up the hill on the 5th (?) fairway wondering if I was going to make it to the green. Loads of fun, would do it tomorrow if BD wasn’t 3000 miles away.

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    Pacific Dunes in Bandon around the middle of March.

    Wind straight up ripped.

    How did I manage it? Put my 1 iron in the bag. Hit it lots and lots of times. Kept the ball low, used the ground and flighted everything down.

    That was a tiring round that made The Bunker Bar a must.

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    Mine would be in a course in Scotland - for now cant remember which one - anyway it was a very windy that day and my caddie says to me ... "Al, we coming up on the shortest Par 5 in Scotland, it is only 155 yards to the hole" I say - "Wow - and it is a Par 5?" He said "Yep it feels like that - the card says Par 3 but no one scores that , most are 5 or 6 ,,SO I want you to hit your driver as hard as you can ( I had been hitting about 240 or so yards with him on previous holes) and I want you to hit it 45 degrees away from the hole on the left directly into the wind. " I did exactly what he said - I came up 10 yards short but in front of the green.. I did not have a device to measure wind that day -- but I did hit my driver low and into the wind and it only went about 140 yards.


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    My buddies company tournament, mind you raining with occasional down pours. Gusts of wind throughout the day. Yes it was best ball and you had a group shoot 1 under when the next best score was 10 over par. Makes you think.

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    That same thing happened to us -- Best Ball -- found out later the team that won was confused on the format and played a Scramble. No wonder Eh?


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    My wife and I played the Princeville Makai course on Kauai back in 2007. The wind was howling, but we had fun.

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    Pacific Dunes December 2015. The starter cautioned us not to go near the cliffs to play balls as the winds were gusting up to 70 and you could get blown over. I thought he was exaggerating. Nope. Steady 40 to 50 the whole round, it was difficult to walk, let alone hit a ball. The next day some very heavy wood benches around the clubhouse were blown over.

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    I've played in bad wind a couple times over the years. I remember one when as we were hitting drivers on the range directly into the wind the balls were hitting the ground traveling back at us. That was the only time I've ever seen that. Tips? Play the ball low. Club up and swing soft. I'm an engineer and geek so I do a little vector analysis of approach shots in my head, taking time in air times the cross component to figure out how to aim. I actually enjoy playing in the wind.

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    Canal at delacor - typical windy day there, wide open prairie, blowing balls off tees and greens, pushing golfers around.

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    The Ocean course at Kiawah in April. The caddies in our group asked us how long of a course we wanted to play (we decided on 6500 yards) and they moved us up/back a tee box to make it play "like" that distance b/c the wind was absolutely howling. Pitch shots hit into the wind stood straight up, it was incredible, tiring and a ton of fun.

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    Several years ago our group teed off when it was only 35* temperature and 20-30 mph winds. Just decided we were going to play on this cold winter day no matter what. After a few holes it started snowing pretty heavily with a squall which made it even more 'fun'. We finished the round but it involved hitting shots 30-40 yards wide of the target at times and doing anything to stay warm. Needless to say we were one of only a a couple of groups on the course that day. We actually had a great time too.

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    Worst I ever played in was at a team competition at Nairn about 5-6 years ago. They had us go out and play because it was match play so the conditions were “the same for everyone”. My match was the first match in the afternoon session and on 5 of the first 6 greens, the pins had been blown out of the cups, it was crazy. I am not sure that I will ever forget standing on the 6th tee which is 175 yard par 3 with a tiny green which is hard enough to hit with the 6 or 7 iron that I usually hit at it. I had 3 wood that day, absolutely ripped it and come up short in a bunker. Will also not forget that I was 6 down through 9 holes. Eventually shook hands on the 18th tee for a half after the guy I was playing hit two out of bounds from the tee.

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    Prince's Golf Course in Kent, England.. Real links. Needed a driver for a par 3 160 yards. still didn't make it. and you can't hit it on the ground for that hole. All carry.

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    Little 9 hole course in my city, every direction you play somehow manages to be into the wind.

    In all seriousness, consistent 30 mph winds with gusts to 40-50 mph

  • mizuno playermizuno player Mizuno player Members  1695WRX Points: 362Posts: 1,695 Platinum Tees
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    170 par 3. Driver.

    380 par 4 opposite direction. Put it on the fringe.

    It was crazy putting also. It was fun. Once.

  • scruffynickscruffynick manchester, UKMembers  1651WRX Points: 194Handicap: 5....soon to be 6 I think Posts: 1,651 Platinum Tees
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    Played a 36 junior event at birkdale in 92, I hit driver 3 wood 3 wood 4 iron into the first..... Shot 92 off 3 in the morning and had only a few balls left. The flags were bent over and it was just brutal, just killed us. Then it dropped down it the afternoon but that's links golf for you. Also my dad was meant be caddying that day, he took one look at the weather and left me on the car park.... He did the right thing ha ha

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    Played an alternate shot tournament with a buddy a few years ago at Clovelly, Cape Town (South Africa). Was meant to be 36 but they called it off after 18

    Was easily over 50mph with gusts probably 70.

    Hit a 6i down wind 295 yards, and then hit driver off the deck, low bullet draw, into the wind and it barely got to 190yards. Was just insane. Gusts were so strong I saw two people swing at nothing but air because the wind blew their club off the swing path. Something to behold, something you dont ever want to do again.

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    Sand Hills in 30 sustained with gusts over 40. Even putting was a joke. A PGA pro 4 putted and and putted the ball off of a green. 2 separate incidents. One in our group was from Oklahoma and was unfazed. All he did was hit rope draws all day. He took some coin home from that trip.

  • MychMych Members  2223WRX Points: 418Posts: 2,223 Platinum Tees
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    Moody Gardens golf course, Galveston TX. Fairway woods hit into the wind were rolling back toward us when they came down and a ball that had stopped rolling in the middle of the green got blown off the green.

    I played most of the round hitting 120 yd hybrid runners down each fairway.

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    Played Wild Dunes (Charleston SC area, pretty exposed on the end of an island right on the water) during Masters week a few years ago and it was absolute chaos as some storms passed through the area. I hit a PW downwind from 195 (went long) and full 8 iron from 105 (flushed it, didn't get there). From a pure comedic standpoint, it was awesome!

  • bigred90gtbigred90gt Lefty Boomers  4932WRX Points: 701Posts: 4,932 Titanium Tees
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    I can’t remember what the wind was actually blowing, but it would blow you off balance at address and putts were wobbling all over the place. The hole in the pic is a 290ish yard uphill risk/reward par 4. I hit 3 wood over the green and down the hill toward the parking lot. My 3w at the time was around 230 if I flushed it. We couldn’t keep a hat on our heads. Thankfully it was a scramble, lol

    for those who know Houston area courses, this was Wildcat Lakes course #9. No real trees on the course (Some small bushy areas that do nothing to block wind) and it was built on top of an old landfill so it’s probably one of the most elevated places in the city.

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  • bigred90gtbigred90gt Lefty Boomers  4932WRX Points: 701Posts: 4,932 Titanium Tees
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    I live just outside of Houston (on the coast in Baytown). Hurricane Ike was a beast! We lost power for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t begin to guess at the amount of damage it did here dollar wise. I know the little muni course I play a couple of towns over lost somewhere around 400 trees.

    we were in the process of buying a house and were scheduled to close the day it blew in. All banks were closed so we pushed it. We stayed with my mom and rode it out, and I’m not sure I’ll ever do that again. I thought the roof was going to come off the house a few times. When all was said and done, they wouldn’t even let us into the city we lived in (Seabrook, a few miles south of where we stayed) because there were sailboats in the streets and debris everywhere. We closed on the house the next week and had to do it at the attorney’s house because his office was destroyed.

    gotta love gulf coast livin

  • bigred90gtbigred90gt Lefty Boomers  4932WRX Points: 701Posts: 4,932 Titanium Tees
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    That course gets WINDY! Great course though, but

    if it’s blowing, it’s tough!

  • FuscinatorFuscinator Members  466WRX Points: 273Posts: 466 Greens
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    Gusts of over 40mph, pretty much had the course to myself. My favorite wind shot is aiming 30yds left of the green, in a left to right wind, hitting it as high as I can and watching the wind blow the ball on to the green (or, into the trees on the other side).

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  • LeftDaddyLeftDaddy Members  931WRX Points: 291Handicap: 9Posts: 931 Golden Tee
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    3 examples.

    1. Kiawah Ocean course - played horrible. Dead into the wind on the back 9. Had 140 into a green, flushed a 3 iron and it landed 20 yards short. My 3 usually carries around 200
    2. Pebble beach - dead into wind I was green side about 40 yards from the hole. I hit a full gap wedge (85 yard shot) that went up into the air and literally hit a wall and dropped straight out of the air. Landed in a bunker 10 yards short of the hole.
    3. Royal Dublin - Ireland- Going out wind was at my back and no rain. I was playing great, hitting bombs everywhere. Coming back in, into the wind the whole way and it started raining heavily. I gave up trying to reach any of the greens in regulation and just started hitting worm burners as far as they would roll. It was brutal. Shot 37 front, 52 back.

    I haven’t figured wind out yet.

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